Do you know what a Marketing Technology Stack is?

If you don’t know what a Marketing Technology Stack is then I can categorically state that you are leaving money on the table.  Shame on you.

Without an optimal stack to help you manage your professional business you are letting leads slip away, failing to nurture to opportunities and (to be honest) don’t know what is working from a marketing perspective and what is a colossal waste of time and money.

Is that how you want to run your business?  Is that how you would recommend to your clients that they run their business?

A Marketing Stack is creating the right set of integrated tools to ensure you maximise your practice revenue – and it’s less expensive than you might think – an outlay of ~£150/€200 per month in technology is all most small professional practices need to perform well.

But the challenge is not the investment, it is choosing the right tools (many of whom offer multiple stack features) and implementing them effectively within your practice.

So, let me try and explain how a technology stack for your professional practice might look:

  1. Lead Assets – these are the powerful, dynamic, relevant content pieces that you create to support your lead generation and nurturing activities and to establish yourself as a thought leader and voice of authority to your prospective clients. Online, these include your website, landing pages, blogs, eBooks, videos, webinars, eNewsletter, direct mail …..   Useful tools to consider here include Leadpages, WordPress, Movavi, Lumen5, Piktochart.


  1. Lead Generation – online tools to help you generate leads for your business. A customised combination of Google Adwords, Social Media Advertising, Email Campaigns and online networking.   Tools here can include DRIP, Hubspot, Eloquens, Crowdfire, Hootsuite or Marketo as well as the ubiquitous Google, Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Lead Conversion/Nurturing – this is where you establish your professional credentials, encourage leads to take some action (download an asset, sign-up for a webinar….) and move them along the buying process to be paying customers. In the vast majority of professional practices this is a poorly performing manual process that loses most leads as your “nurturing” didn’t adequately match their buying timeline or needs.  This is where marketing automation can be invaluable using tools such as Hubspot, DRIP, Leadpages, Adwords, Sharpspring and CRM tools such as RSS, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.  They allow you to workflow your leads and devote appropriate attention to the most likely to buy at any time.


  1. Analytics and Optimisation – once you have your marketing technology stack established – generating and nurturing leads across your buying process, now you need to optimise its performance and stop losing leads along the way. Google Analytics is probably the top tool here but others that deserve a mention include Adwords, Hotjar and Optimizely.

If you haven’t got a marketing technology stack – talk to me (+44 7825 215703).  Even a one-person practice needs some marketing automation to maximise their revenues.  Stop leaving money on the table and take a positive step towards doubling your revenues today.

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